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No Such Agency ~Outer Limits~ 22 February 2014

  • Quantum Theory - is an arsenal of exploits, specifically implants that die after 30 days.
  • Quantum Nation - commandeers your computer to see if you have host based intrusion detection systems like Tripwire or Aide to detect the presence of hackers.
  • Quantum Bot - hijacks Internet Relay Chat bots (IRC). Interestingly, this program has the potential to stop a lot of bot net attacks, but the NSA have decided to maintain those capabilities.
  • Quantum Copper -  is seen as perhaps the scariest of the Quantum series because it can corrupt file downloads. Copper can interfere with Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) which provides communication between separate internet devices. Copper could create  the Great Firewall of China for the entire planet. Copper could kill every anonymity system that exists by forcing them to reset automatically, just like China does.
  • Quantum Insertion - is a Quantum version of what is known as the Man-on-The-Side attack, to insert information packets by posing as the target website. Notably, you can block Insertion if Transport Layer Security (TLS) is present on your system.
Okay, so your computer is secured, and you have an acceptable web browser that won’t track you. Right. Now your browsing habits have to change, and the first step is to drop Google. There are many search engines that do not track data and are thus anonymous. Use ixquick or duckduckgo instead. You have a ton of options for search engines that are not google. But what Email services should we use? And which secure Email providers don’t require monthly payments?[3]

Last but certainly not least, all these encryption and proxy methods are relatively obsolete if we’re running Operating Systems that are tied up with major technology companies that are in bed with the Five-Eyes Alliance/PRISM-Industrial Complex (Windows, Apple OS X, Google Chrome). Open-source alternatives, like Ubuntu, Debian, and the ever-popular GNU Linux, may seem like an inconvenience at first, but they’re absolutely essential if you’re serious about anonymity. The only hurdle is your own potential, since these Operating Systems are completely free of charge.  The most popular name brands, hosting services and Email providers are “free” for very different reasons that open-source technology is Free, and the corporate world has default back-doors built into devices. The NSA is about as much a department of the Government as the Federal Reserve is. Corporations have been enthroned, and most of the NSA’s capabilities are used for the benefit of  “National Interests” which translates to Corporate Profits.


For every fact learned, we’re left with more questions than answers. We’re just now finding out about the NSA Howler Monkey implant chips with built in radio transmitters.  We’re just now learning of the Bulldozer PCI Bus Hardware Implants. And for many, the CIA’s In-Q-Tel remains a mysterious subject.
Perhaps most infuriating of all of Snowden’s revelations concerning the Draconian Surveillance Panopticon we see around us now, is the fact that it has never prevented a terrorist attack. If they have access to so much information, one might wonder how media event spectacles like Sandy Hook [10] and the Boston Bombing [11] were ever allowed to take place in the first place - unless these events were false flag events to justify further terror legislation and thus solidify more strength in the military industrial complex. There have already been extensive red flags and plenty of evidence of them. History can corroborate this, most notably from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that was perpetrated by FBI agents conducting classified operations in New York City - many news outlets reported on the FBI’s involvement [12]. The event didn’t create enough damage for them to pass the new terror legislation needed to bring the police state desired by the ruling class elites. Oklahoma city happened shortly thereafter, and the legislation was passed with little effort -legislation that was waiting for an event to be passed[13]. Something similar happened with 9_11, probably most notably with the plans to invade Afghanistan that were drafted six weeks prior to 9_11. Now a new million-square-foot facility in the Utah desert set to begin operations this year will hold all the world’s information for the next hundred years. The real targets are activists, political enemies, ex girlfriends, but certainly not terrorists.
Because when you look around there really are no “terrorists,” at least insofar as the mainstream media would like you to believe as they hypnotically repeat the word again and again in print and on air. For the same reason the TSA has never prevented a terrorist attack. Terrorists are not Islamic boogie men hiding out in some cave beyond Timbuktu. More people die of peanut allergies than of Islamic terrorism. Christopher Titus put it most eloquently when he said:
The Military-Industrial Complex that carries out unconstitutional Wars, the Corporate Media Whores who justify those wars to John Q. Public, and the Bankers who fund both sides of every conflict all are Capital-Tee-Terrorists if there ever were any. They drop bombs on countries in peacetime, and send troops in times of war. Or as Abraham Lincoln put it, “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.”
Capital-Tee-Terrorists wear five-thousand-dollar suits, and use money and influence to divide the world against itself, for profit and power. They do this to extract resources and simultaneously emerge the rulers of us all by controlling the movement of resources and access to them. State Terrorism is the only kind of terrorism that ever produced mass casualties, be it false flag events or the wars they orchestrate. The “Terror War” is a war of terror, not on it. The “Drug War” is a war on Consciousness, not on inanimate objects. The “War on Cancer” declared also by Nixon, proposes to cure Cancer with other things that cause cancer (Chemo, Radiation and Surgery). There is a War on everything when you sit down and think about it. But the deadliest form of warfare we know of, could be termed Financial Terrorism. Rigging the game starves entire societies, forces indigenous people to move into cities, and creates waves of debt slaves. Waged unilaterally, the deadliest form of violence is and has always been poverty.
Closed minds STOP thought crimes. If you think you’ve had a bit too much to think, go back to bed and forget your ever read this. Big Brother is www.atching you.  If you think this is paranoid, then you’re probably not paranoid enough. Protecting the internet is the most essential task standing before today’s generation. Who controls the internet controls the data, and who controls the data controls the future. Ultimately the task at hand lies well beyond encrypting the entire internet, suggesting that perhaps the creation of a new peer-to-peer Web 2.0, is what is necessary.  Whatever happens, we know that the revolution will not be televised, although its record will probably be stored on NSA’s servers. In any event, if you decide to bareback with the internet, remember that you’re riding with the NSA. There are things you can do, but educating yourself is the first step.

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