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Make Love With Your Shadow ~Outer Limits~ 18 October 2014

How The Machine Taught Us To Be Helpless ~Outer Limits~ 11 October 2014

If you’ve been keeping that radio dial focused and your mind open to the Topic of All Topics these past three months, you’ve witnessed a gut-wrenching exploration like no other into the depths of a story taking place that is systematically disintegrated from our collective memory.

Tapping into the seemingly limitless darkness of militarized deceit surrounding the Interstellar Alien presence on our blue planet may have left you feeling helplessly abducted from the ignorant bliss of a formerly beautiful view. Or maybe your skin has been prickling with the implanted insight that is reinforcing long-held and hidden speculations concerning the true source of the “reptilian” agenda; about the real umbrella entity that has made residence deep inside the Skin of our beloved HomeWorld.

Perhaps the Moon is shining a bit different and you’re beginning to second-guess the mouth pieces of World Governments rather than scape-goat skeptics that have been suspiciously fired from their jobs, completely discredited at the hands of widespread yellow-journalism, if not altogether smudged out.

It’s been a long dark down that rabbit hole; a journey that has taken us miles below the surface of the earth, and deep into intergalactic space. The Topic of All Topics has come to a close, but the Outer Limits, as ever continues to feed the Earth’s OverMind.

It is not our intention to leave you helplessly suspended.
Far from it… But where do we go from here? We’ve turned your third eye to the cosmic nature of our human story. Now we turn that inner perception back to be grounded. Now it’s time to look with new eyes upon the harsh and miraculous reality of Life on Earth; Life on this planet as part of a cosmic ecosystem.

This for many of us can be more challenging than acknowledging the existence of alien species, UFOs, and the despicable projects of Shadow Government’s Black Budget.

Now is the time for us to take a new look at what’s visibly taking place through fresh eyes. The tragedy for most people, animals, and ecosystems that is the existence of daily life, and the daily struggle to survive. Now is the time for us to look at each other and ask the question before assuming the answer. To quest into the experiential knowledge of our neighbors as well as the far-flung workers that create the products we long for or use daily, that grow our food, and bottle our water.

Now is time to sit with the emotions that we all feel, whether it’s helpless, depressed, sorrow, or furious anger. It’s time to sit with the reality that I am you and you are me. I am the nearly steady earth beneath my feet and the tumultuous atmosphere above. The world is reflecting to me my own nature, and what I don’t like or understand is most what I must quest to unravel, although the world is not merely a reflection of ME, but it the collective reflection of ALL unquantifiable sentience.

If I am unwilling to acknowledge the ways other people and conscious life are treated and the pain and struggle that is imposed on their lives, it does not prevent me from being directly affected by it, but it will keep me from understanding how we are directly connected.

How can we empower ourselves to uplift all conscious life?

We are conditioned to believe we are helpless, but only because for humanity to collectively attune to the miraculous ability of our conscious intention would deal a death blow to the iron fists that have sought ever more unnatural control over the life on this wondrous world.

Thus, we begin a journey toward that empowerment by honestly acknowledging where we stand right now. We have been traumatized individually, but none of us are alone or disconnected. Your trauma is my trauma and vice-versa. From Outer Space to the Inner Limitless, no realm can remain unexplored by our willingness to patiently dismantle pain and ignorance in order to heal and empower ourselves, each other, and our future’s potential with strength, joy and creativity without dictate, letting go of where we’re going for acceptance of the unknown.

100Thousand Poets for Change Missoula MT ~ Outer Limits ~ 27 September 2014

The End of History Begins With the Truth ~Outer Limits~ 4 October 2014

We Are Not ALL Human ~Outer Limits~ 27 September 2014

Part one of the thought provoking conclusion of the Topic of All Topics Season - humanity’s origins and the decoded mysteries of our Genesis tales. Over the past 6,000 years our stories have been warped, mistranslated and omitted.
When it comes to the history of the human race, most of us typically fall into one of two competing viewpoints; a)Evolution, or b) Intelligent Design (aka Creationism). These two dogmatic viewpoints are both convinced that they are right, and even more convinced that any competing viewpoint is wrong. Such black and white thinking is the result of polarity consciousness; the binary delusion that everything fits into one of two categories.
Scholars like Zecharia Sitchin propose a third viewpoint which is seated somewhere in between these two. Is it possible that these “Gods” which are referred to from the Vedic traditions all the way through the Old Testament of the Christian bible are actually extraterrestrial races? Could it be that creating humans “in their image” signifies the genetic modification of hominid races on Earth to create the modern Homo Sapien?

From the age of the universe to the orientation and number of planets in our solar system, many ancient traditions, inclusing the Egyptians, the Maya and ultimately beginning with the Sumerians, all had a thorough understanding of aspects of our solar system that modern science has only become aware of in recent decades. But our modern texts continue to purge any information that might lead us tot the truth. There are countless examples of ancient cultures depicting flying discs portraying the sun gods descending upon Earth from the heavens with technology and ideas well beyond the understanding of Earthly primates.
Researchers such as Zecharia Sitchin and Drunvalo Melchizedek spent their lives offering us a more authentic perspective based on the direct evidence gathered from antiquity and the teachings of ancient cultures, many of whom are still with us. In fact the ability to read Sumerian Cuneiform without reference materials may have died with Stichin, who himself visited nearly every ancient site on Earth and possessed the ability to read just about any hieroglyph he came into contact with. As this season concludes one thing should become abundantly clear: Decades of collective research indicate that we’ve been deceived from inquiring into the true history of humanity’s origins.

That's No Moon ~Outer Limits~ 20 September 2014

Have astronauts actually walked on the moon’s surface, and if they did, have the public seen the authentic footage from those missions? Most people typically fall into one of two viewpoints on this subject. The first and largest group assert that twelve human beings have walked on the moon and it absolutely happened. The second group, while far smaller is much more vocal about their perspective - that the entire lunar landing was faked, and no one has ever walked on the moon. This second group cite the obvious problems with the photos and video footage ascertained from the Apollo missions: the flag is waving as though in a wind storm despite the absence of atmosphere; both the foreground and background are in perfect focus, despite the fact that no camera (especially in the 1960’s) can focus on both foreground and background simultaneously; the astronauts’ shadows are cast at different angles against the ground, indicating stage lighting; there are farming tools affixed to the rover; the tire tracks from the rover lead to nowhere; and the signature horizontal line separating the edge of the set from the scotch lighting of the front screen projector. The front screen projection method was perfected by Stanley Kubrick during the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was filmed during the same period of time as the Apollo missions - during the mid-1960’s. Was the Apollo 11 moon landing a fraud brilliantly pulled off with the reluctant help of Stanley Kubrick? It is because of these problems that we propose a third viewpoint: that while Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon with Buzz Aldrin and Lance Armstrong who walked upon the lunar surface, everything that was broadcast on American televisions was completely faked. What is more, NASA have continued altering images of the moon ever since, smudging out large areas of the photos for no apparent reason. From discrepancies in the first photographs taken of the moon by Sputnik 1 and 2, the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Clementine Project, the pictures of the moon illustrate blatant image alteration. But why would the space agencies do this? Perhaps their masters didn’t want people to know what was and is really up there. If we’re meant to believe that the moon is a boring rock floating around the Earth, then we can go back to our jobs and paying our taxes, and return to the status quo worldview we had before.

But the problems with the footage are just the beginning. When we read what insiders who have gone public on this matter have said and published, we find that there are too many strange anomalies to ignore: Moon rocks are composed of unnatural elements; the moon is much older than the Earth; Earth is a tiny planet to have acquired such a massive moon orbiting so far away. From ancient Zulu legends to modern scientific observations much evidence exists that suggests our moon is a hollowed out planetoid. Perhaps the most telling question of all is this: Why are so many astronauts members of the Masonic Order?

Join us as we explore the testimony of investigative reporter Bob Pierpoint, Sergeant Carl Wolfe, documentarian Jay Weidner, World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, author of Moon Matrix David Icke and many others who have fearlessly explored this subject.